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My interview with legendary author, speculator and commentator Doug Casey

 FULL INTERVIEW “There are several thousand so called mining stocks traded here in Vancouver. Most of them have nothing but a hope and a dream. Most of them don’t have a prayer of finding anything. So it’s fraught with danger for the average investor. All I can advise is to educate yourself. You’ve got to start reading books about geology and studying the markets, and then interviewing the guys that run these companies until you get a sense of who is real and who is a flake. That’s what you’ve got to do. Most people don’t do it, they just buy a stock because it’s touted to them by anybody from a friend who knows less than they do to a taxi driver, so of course they lose money.” “It’s good to remember that the junior mining sector is the most volatile sector on the planet, by far, more volatile than the internet stocks ever where during in the nineties. Volatility is your friend, actually, it gives you the opportunity to sell and buy at radical extremes. Through the 70′s and 80′s the ju