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High Drama at the 2022 Capilano Golf Ladies Club Championship

Mum asked me to caddy in the final round of the Ladies Club Championships at Capilano Golf & Country Club today. It didn’t go as planned. What happened next was a rollercoaster of emotions and a critical life lesson. Capilano is a storied 84 year old private course in West Vancouver's British Properties. My grandfather Reg joined in 1966 and we Humphreys have been grateful members since. Each year at the Ladies Championship event, the club's best women golfers of all ages compete for the lowest combined score over two days.  Shanny (we call our beloved mum by her first name) is in her 67th year, and has been a golf-freak since she picked up the game 25 years ago.  When my parents split in the late 1990s, Shan's first call was to Capilano which confirmed she could keep her application in progress despite no longer being married to a member. My siblings and I caught her obsession by osmosis. Golf is the thing we do together. These days, Shan is a considered a super senior

Gold's Role in a Changing World Order: My New Interview with Frank Giustra

Also: Frank’s Devastating Hyperinflation Experience, Building Gold Majors With Ian Telfer and The Famous Treasure Chest He Restored. China is “like a black hole where the gold goes in and never comes out,” says Frank Giustra, a major player in the mining industry and founder of Lionsgate Entertainment. As the largest producer and importer, Giustra believes China is under-reporting their gold reserves. “My guess is they are preparing themselves, as Russia is, to exit the US dollar system… to one where gold plays a role.” In an exclusive series of interviews with CEO.CA taped over a couple of days, Giustra says war in Europe is accelerating a bifurcation of the monetary system. Countries representing ~80% of the world’s population refused to condemn Russia for its Ukraine invasion despite pressure from the West. Meanwhile, global central banks have been selling dollars to stockpile gold. “Currency is being debased and inflation is out of control,” he says. Giustra believes CPI is manipul