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5 Lessons From First 50 Bagger: My Aaron Hoddinott Story

Mike Tyson and Aaron Hoddinott. Hoddinott delivered returns of approximately 50X to early investors in NexOptic. As a 21-year-old first-time entrepreneur running a web development business, I once spent an hour on the phone with one of my biggest competitors, posing as a potential customer. I enjoyed talking to the guy so much I eventually confessed that I was actually a mole who was trying to learn his secret sauce so I could compete with him. He thought that was funny, and we ended up becoming friends. He convinced me the web development space was crowded and that I’d be better off developing my own product, rather than consulting for others. It was an invaluable early lesson. I soon started the CEO.CA site after paying an ounce of gold and about $2,500 cash to a few old friends to buy the domain in 2012. CEO.CA would be a blog about Canada’s top investors and monetized through advertising, as soon as I figured out some of the legal requirements of working with public companies. Pi