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How One Man Came To Own 49% Of the World’s Largest Gold Miner

In 1990, one man incredibly owned 49% of Newmont, the world’s largest gold mining company. He was one of the wealthiest and most charismatic capitalists who ever lived. This is Sir Jimmy Goldsmith’s unbelievable story: Jimmy Goldsmith was born into a family of prosperous outsiders. His ancestors took refuge from religious persecution at the turn of the 16th century in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt, Germany. Forbidden from marrying outside the ghetto, members of the Goldsmith family and the famous Rothchild family intermarried and went on to build European banking dynasties. By the early 1900’s the Goldsmith family was based at a plush estate in the UK called Cavenham.   Jimmy’s father Frank became a conservative MP from 1910 until 1918. Ostracised in England during WWI due to his family’s German origin, he accepted a foreign posting during the war and later settled in France where he became a prominent hotelier and father of two boys. Jimmy Goldsmith was born in Paris in 1933 with cry

My Limited Howe Street Wisdom: Interviews of Tommy Humphreys

April 22, 2022 - Tommy Humphreys on the Evolution of CEO.CA - Mining Stock Daily ( Link ) Sep 3, 2020 - Making and Keeping Millions from Mining Stocks with Tommy Humphreys (Mining Stock Education) May 25, 2020 - Behind Success Episode #1: Tommy Humphreys, Founder of (Matthew Nelson): Dec 3, 2019 - $5-$10 Million Companies Can Easily Become $50 Million (Daily Gold's Tenbagger Podcast): Nov 13, 2019 - For Investors in this Bull Market, 100 Baggers are Possible (Palisade Radio): Jan 13, 2017 - Date Your Mining Stocks, Don't Marry Them (Kitco News)

From Howe Street to the Big Time: Robert Friedland Celebrates 40 Years in Mining

Robert Friedland shakes the hands of workers at the Kamoa Kakula mine in Feb 2014. Tommy Humphreys photo He’s the most celebrated mining entrepreneur alive but 40 years ago, Robert Friedland arrived in Vancouver, aged 34, with no contacts nor experience in mining. “You might say I literally entered the mining industry on my hands and knees,” Friedland told author Michael Caldwell. Crawling into an abandoned gold mine in Southern Oregon he was permanently bitten by the mining bug. “From that day on, I really knew what I wanted to do–had to do.” In mid 1982 Friedland floated Galactic Resources on the Vancouver Stock Exchange at 50 cents per share with no properties nor management. The stock hit $13.25 by 1984. For Galactic’s flagship asset, Friedland negotiated to acquire a 100 year old mining site in Colorado from ASARCO for $7 million before financing was in place. “The thing about Robert is he likes to see things finalized before he goes on to something else,” said Dr. William Bird, a