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Letter From the CEO.CA Founder

Chelsea, Rosie and me It's been an emotional roller coaster ride here for a few months. My wife and I are thrilled to be expecting the arrival of another daughter any day now, but I’ll confess, that’s not what's been preoccupying me. After spending most of my adult life building CEO.CA, I just signed a deal to sell it to a friendly listed company, subject to exchange and other customary approvals. GoldSpot Discoveries (SPOT-TSXV) has entered into an agreement to acquire CEO.CA I believe this transaction will see CEO.CA become what I have always hoped it could be. For CEO.CA’s business to grow, its value proposition to its community must grow in lock-step. Our new owners understand this and are planning to expand the product and content rapidly. They do not wish to alter the culture, privacy policy, or the brand of CEO.CA in any way. The small team you know and love (cough) of Murat, Vaughan and myself are sticking around, and we will be complemented by new blood and greater r