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The Legend of Katie McLeod and Mystery Investor's 50,000% Return

Virgin gold discovery to $1.1B takeout in 9 mos MYSTERY investor earns $154M windfall, a 50,000% return The incredible Arequipa Resources story: In 1993, Katie McLeod was suddenly let go from Yorkton Securities after 8 yrs. That Christmas, she made cookies for her family to save on gifts, unaware of the incredible change of fortune awaiting her. At a Santiago party before her dismissal, Katie, then 32, met the famed 64-year-old mining engineer, Dave Lowell. They bonded over rocks—Katie's dad was a notable Canadian miner, & she specialised in mining stocks at Yorkton. Dave, who had discovered 11 mines already, began exploring Peru after it elected a pro-biz president in 1990. With the help of local geologists, he staked 137K ha. of land & embraced failure, knowing only a few prospects would become mines. In an unexpected ‘92 twist, Dave partnered with an anonymous investor matching his funds. Needing more capital in ‘93, Katie and him agreed to form Arequipa Resources (AQP),

Secrets Behind 17 Major Mining Discoveries: Dave Lowell (1928-2020)

A lifelong quest for hidden treasure led Dave Lowell to become the most successful mine finder in history. At the tender age of 7, Lowell became enchanted with the world of mining at his father's camp.He dreamed of becoming a mining engineer and spent the next 85 years passionately pursuing his goal, even after netting millions from his discoveries. Lowell's secret to finding mines was to increase the target size. He studied mineral signatures around orebodies, searching for patterns and ratios. This led to the development of a framework that expanded the target area for common copper deposits by 10X, enabling him to zero in on rich ores like Escondida, the world's largest copper mine. Embracing failure, Lowell learned that only 3 in 1000 prospects become mines. Frantically, he turned over projects, operating with frugality and agility. He surveyed areas of interest from the air and returned by horse or helicopter to collect samples. Lowell funded his education by collectin

That Time I Threw a Picasso in the Garbage Can

DallE photo Back in June '16, I invested a meager $10k in a gold explorer. My friend vouched for it, and I got 66,667 shares @ 15cents and 66,667 warrants to buy additional shares for 3 years @ 20 cents. Six months later, I sold the shares for a 13 dollar loss, but the warrants stayed with me, like a free rollercoaster ride. Money was tight, and the market cruel. Breaking even felt like a win. Life went on, and in Mar '18, the stock soared to 55 cents. I sold my warrants, pocketing $22.8k for a home. Life was sweet. But fate had other plans. The company expanded, drilling more and acquiring land. Boom! A goldmine found in August '18 – 16.35m of 26.91 g/t Au. The stock began an ascent to $29 by 2022.  That company? Great Bear Resources $GBR.V I missed the golden ride, but my $10k COULD have turned into $3.867M. Lessons learned: Know your treasure. Trust your friends. Stick around for the party. Mining's a game of chance, but with focus, connections, and an open mind, you

How to Strike It Rich in Mining Without Discovering Anything

This is the amazing story of how a tiny junior stock achieved a 27000% return, soaring from $0.10 to $27 in just 3 years. The company became so popular that a founder was even approached for autographs in Germany apparently. But only a few yrs before, the founders were so drained from mining that they relinquished control of a company with $25M in the bank. In the late 1980s, Ian McDonald, a stockbroker from Toronto, & Kerry Knoll, a reporter for Northern Miner, decided to try their luck in the mining industry. Despite setbacks, they eventually succeeded in building gold mines in Canada & Nicaragua. After narrowly surviving the late ‘90s mining downturn, McDonald & Knoll controlled a $2 million company called Patent Enforcement & Royalties Ltd or PEARL. In late ‘04, they invested $400K into it at $0.10 per share. PEARL quickly paid $75K to acquire Davidson, an undeveloped molybdenum deposit near Smithers, BC first discovered in 1944 with high-grade potential. PEARL also