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Life in Perspective: Rick Genest

Lived November 29, 1956 - August 23, 2002 #2 Man at Polygon Homes, British Columbia’s largest home builder Ten years ago today Polygon Homes Executive Vice President Rick Genest was tragically killed when a boulder fell on his car while driving to his summer home in Bridge Lake, BC. In the 45 years of his life leading up to that point, he rose from humble beginnings and ultimately became, as the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association put it, “One of the development and homebuilding industries’ greatest visionaries and innovators.” Author’s Note: In growing up with his son Joe, I was fortunate enough to get to know Rick during my teenage years. We shared many laughs at each other's, and Joe's expense. In celebrating the anniversary of his passing, here are some moments, words, and images from his life you may find inspiring. Humble Beginnings Rick Genest Letter to Mom 1967 Rick Genest was born on November 29, 1956, to parents Joe and Mary in Victoria, BC. He was the younge