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On an African dog and pony show with mining mogul Robert Friedland

Ivanhoe Mines executive chairman Robert Friedland at the site of the initial Kamoa copper discovery in the Katanga province, D.R. Congo – Feb 11, 2014. Photo: Govind Friedland The reality distortion field , made famous by Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson, is a personal intensity and vision so powerful it bends people to your will, convincing them of a project’s higher purpose. Isaacson describes this capacity for influence as a notorious trait of Steve Jobs, who, as founder and CEO of Apple, managed to ship mountainous innovation that consistently redefined the relationship between art and technology. An interesting footnote here is the fact that Robert Friedland, one of the world’s most successful global resource developers, taught Jobs about the reality distortion field when Jobs was a college student in 1972. And he’s used it to promote a ton of successful mining ventures over the past 35 years—he’s found and developed them on nearly every corner of the globe. And became a mul