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Ten Things I Learned From Visionary Restauranteur Richard Jaffray

Repost from 2018 on the news Richard is selling his Cactus stake after 34 years. Congrats, Richard! Richard Jaffray Richard Jaffray was living in a used Dodge Dart with a roommate when he first moved to Vancouver from Ontario soon after high school. He worked as a server to save money to open his first restaurant. Today, nearly thirty years later, Richard has created nearly thirty of the highest grossing restaurants in Canada under the Cactus Club Cafe brand. In an industry known for many failures (roughly two thirds of new restaurants will go out of business within three years), the success of Cactus Club has put enormous pressure on other Canadian restaurants to raise their standards. I know Richard through friends and have been enjoying his restaurant since I was a kid. He is an inspiring founder who is kind to everyone he comes into contact with.  Here are 10 lessons for entrepreneurs from Cactus Club CEO Richard Jaffray, updated from his 2015 BCBusiness Top 100 Interview : 1. “You