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Remembering Lukas Lundin

Billionaire mining and energy magnate Lukas Lundin died in Geneva yesterday after a courageous 2 year brain cancer battle. Lundin was a larger than life entrepreneur and adventure seeker. He synthesized information about commodities and markets, built best-in-class management teams and created immense wealth for stakeholders through frontier exploration and development. He wanted to be remembered as a company builder who was fun to work with. To say that Lukas was either was an understatement. “I have a fantastic life,” he said in a February interview . “…a nice family and it's just taking advantage of it as best I can and charge ahead. That's my advice to all people - do not think too much, just do it." He earned a reputation as a fearless leader in the treacherous field of global resource development — especially in jurisdictions others were fleeing— and is known for sticking with projects for the long-term. The Lundin Group had huge wins under Lukas’s leadership. Most r