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My Next Major Investment

I was extremely fortunate to make enough money in 2017 to never work again. I was an early investor in one of the most successful crypto stocks of all time. For years, I spent my days golfing in Palm Springs and flying around the world with my wife on luxury vacations. But I’ve grown bored with leisure and want to get back to my passion - creating massive amounts of wealth for myself and investors.  And for the past 12 months, I’ve quietly been working on what I believe will be the biggest money-making deal of my life. I’m all in. And I want my network to be among the first to know about it. The company I’m working on is solving the single-largest problem facing the world today. And the team behind it is already responsible for over $10 billion in successful exits. I’m incredibly excited to announce my next major investment. You can read about it at MCF Energy (currently Pinedale Energy) to Acquire Large-Scale Austrian and German Hydrocarbon Assets; Focused on Deliver