The last time I saw a setup this good, I banked enough for a house...

It was early 2016, and I doubted I would ever be able to afford a home in Vancouver.

Six months later I bought a beautiful house with a garden big enough to practice my short game.

I am a scavenger of the mining market. I look for ten baggers with less risk than pure exploration. Out of favour assets trading well below historical investment, ideally dropped by majors changing focus. Add skilled new management and good things happen if you time it right.

My down payment came from a handful of startups following this formula.

K92 Mining was one of them. They acquired a gold project from Barrick, the world’s top producer, for pennies on the dollar in a bear market. Around K92’s 2016 IPO I bought stock at 35 cents a share plus warrants at 45 cents.

It reached $8.95 last week. - that’s a 50X return including warrants.

You may have seen our reports on Skeena Resources (1, 2, 3). Like K92, Skeena brought new life to an old Barrick mine and has seen its share price 10X since.

Sabina Gold and Goviex Uranium were similar situations.

It has been life changing to participate in some of these companies and share their stories with you.


I have just discovered a $20 million company that could be as big a success story as any of the ones I just mentioned.

I like it so much I have bought almost 1% of the stock and do not plan on selling my shares until multiples of current levels. In fact, it’s likely I will increase my stake.

  • Its flagship asset was discovered by a predecessor of Rio Tinto, one of the world’s largest mining companies, and sold when metal prices were depressed.
  • It has two top tier projects with over $150 million invested yet trades for a $20 million market cap
  • The projects house more than 600 historical drill holes including many with wide intersections of high grade gold and copper that have never before been digitized or searchable online.
  • A 30km strike length is open for new discoveries.
  • Management thinks it will be a multi-decade production asset.
  • A 10,000 metre drill program to confirm historical resources and target new discoveries is starting next month.
  • Management has been so dedicated to protecting shareholder value that they convinced a creditor to walk away from $30 million of debt in exchange for a 10% stake.
  • A winemaker with a golden touch has just joined the board to help them communicate this exceptional opportunity.
  • It is trading around 20 cents and drills are about to turn

If you missed K92, Skeena, Sabina or Goviex, this story has many similarities.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you its symbol, about its assets, people and more.

Look for my email before market open tomorrow.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Author is not a licensed investment advisor and has a conflict of interest in writing about the company. All facts to be verified by the reader. This communication contains forward looking statements that may not come to fruition. Do your own due diligence and talk to a licensed investment advisor before making investment decisions.


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