Carson Seabolt: Confessions of a Stock Operator

His story is everyone’s dream.

Carson Seabolt was a commercial fisherman who clawed out of bankruptcy to build a $50 million fortune in the stock market before age 40.

A fearless investor and entrepreneur, Carson makes concentrated bets on the highest-risk companies. The results have been extraordinary, such as:

Co-founding K92 Mining, a $2 billion gold producer from an initial $2 million investment

Raising $43 million from billionaire @Chamath Palihapitiya, one of the world’s most recognized investors, for a medical technology company Carson is involved in, from a cold email

Befriending and betting big on billionaire mining legend Robert Friedland, who helped Carson double his fortune

On Carson’s outrageous Instagram channel, he shares a stream of consciousness about life and markets that is like a Kardashian version of CNBC.

Today is Carson’s 42nd birthday. On this day 8 years ago he received the call that changed his life. Now, he shares his incredible life story for the first time.

CEO.CA proudly presents “Bankruptcy to $50 Million: Confessions of a Stock Operator,” streaming now on Youtube.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy this BIG story, worthy of the biggest screen in your house. Because BIG is how Carson does everything.

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Tommy Humphreys, CEO.CA Founder 

PS - A Huge thanks to Jon Roth on bringing this film idea to life. 


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